Certified Kitchen Design

Do you, or someone you know, live in a design disaster?  Is your kitchen poorly laid out and dysfunctional?  Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Does your kitchen work for you?  Or was it meant for someone else?
  • Do you have adequate access and egress (exit) in your kitchen in case of an emergency?  If not, your family’s well-being may at risk.
  • Do doors and appliances interfere with each other?  This could cause serious injury.
  • Does your Work Triangle “work”, or is it too spread out and interrupted?  This can make using your kitchen a pain in the neck, if not dangerous.
  • Do the preparation and work areas in your kitchen have adequate countertop space?
  • Do you have enough storage for dishes, pots and pans, food, and small appliances?
  • Do your appliances work properly, and does the cooking exhaust adequately remove the humidity and smell while preparing food?

There are many more questions to ask about your kitchen.  Your bathroom also may need attention and we can help you here also.  Almost any area of your home can benefit from well-placed cabinetry designed to meet a specific need.

Why use Heart of the Home Design-Build?  Because we have been down this road before.  These are just a few of the critical considerations that go into professional design intended to make you happy at the end of your project.  Choosing the right design professional for your kitchen, bathroom, entertainment center or bar is an important decision for your project’s success. Work with a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) and a Class A Contractor, to be sure you make the right choice.